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The most important thing to us as small business owners is having happy customers.
But you guys are more than just customers, you guys have become so special to us and we would love to give you the opportunity to help us grow and always keep learning.



Here’s is your opportunity to get real with us! We want to give you a place to share your thoughts on how we excelled, how we may have fallen short, or just some handy hits and tips on things we could mix up for the future.
We value your honesty and hope that you feel comfortable sharing things that will help us grow further.

We hope you had an amazing experience with us shooting your day but we don’t want to discourage some constructive criticism.

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Here's a few statements that we think are really important in running our little business, let us know how you think we did in each of these areas.
Ben & Ebony were easy to communicate with and very approachable in the lead up to our day.
Ben & Ebony honoured things that were important to us and to our family on our wedding day.
Ben & Ebony respected our ideas and plans for our wedding day.
Ben & Ebony were considerate and respectful towards how we were feeling at different stages of our wedding day.
Ben & Ebony were respectful of not negatively drawing attention to themselves and made sure to remain behind the scenes on our wedding day.
Ben & Ebony went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable on our wedding day.
Ben & Ebony were easy to communicate with and very approachable after our wedding day.
Our photos and/or videos were delivered within a reasonable amount of time after our wedding day.
Ben & Ebony captured our day in a way that honoured and respected the real and raw moments.
Ben & Ebony captured our wedding day as we had hoped based on seeing their previous work and through communications and expectations set before the day.
I would recommend Ben & Ebony to other couples getting married in the future.
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